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Energy Costs Calculator 1.3

A free tool that assists you in calculating your yearly power and water costs
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A free tool that assists you in calculating your yearly power and water costs. Energy Costs Calculator is a simple and handy application that anyone will find very easy to use. It includes a large database of household appliances, complete with their power or water consumption values – in watts and gallons, respectively – as well as the average usage. You can change this information at any time, and even add your own entries.

The program's user interface is divided into two clearly identifiable sections – one for power (electricity) consumption and another for water consumption. In both cases you can choose an appliance from the list and input the price per consumption unit – kWh (kilowatt hour) and HCF (hundred cubic feet), respectively. Now all that rests is to click on the "Calculate" button, which will display your totals. You will then see the yearly total energy consumption and its total cost for that specific appliance.

As stated before, you can manually change the energy consumption and the average usage for an existing appliance as well as add new appliances to the list. You can then save all those changes permanently to your database. Moreover, the program's interface is multilingual (you can choose among English, German, and Polish) and it allows you to back up and restore your appliance database at any time. The program is also capable of checking for updates automatically. To top it all off, it includes a set of useful and practical tips that will show you how to save additional energy and, of course, reduce your costs. If interested, you can configure the program to show those tips automatically every time you run it.

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  • Easy to use
  • Includes a large database of household appliances
  • Allows you to change the information on the appliance database, or add new entries
  • Multilingual interface
  • Allows you to save and restore your appliance database
  • Checks for updates automatically
  • Includes a set of very useful and practical energy-saving tips


  • Does not include a unit converter (for example, from gallons to cubic meters)
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